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STEAM Robot Kits

WeeeBot Jeep 3-in-1

Is an entry-level 3-in-1 Stem education robot kit. Has an ELF Mainboard
that uses an ATmega328P microchip and comes with 2 TTMotor, RGB

Ultrasonicsensor, Line-following sensor, Sound sensor, Light sensor,
IR Receiver sensorand a Button. And for communication,
this kit has USB, IR, and Bluetooth 2.4G

WeeeBot mini

STEAM Education robot kit. This kit has an ELF mini mainboard, that uses an ATMEGA328P microchip. Good for kids over 6 years old, no assembly needed.

6-in-1 WeeeBot Evolution

WeeeMake Evolution Robot Kit is a STEM construction robot kit with six cool pre-set forms.

WeeeMake 9-in-1
Science Kit

This 9-in-1 Science kit is a mechanical projects kit, which consist of aluminum mechanical parts, electronics modules, motors, hardware tools, and storage solution. The Science kit uses ELF mainboard.

12-in-1 Weeebot Robotstorm

The 12-in-1 Robotstorm STEAM Robot Kit is a versatile DIY
ultimate STEAM robot kit. It has more than 450 parts and
contains 12+ cool pre-set forms. Whether you are a mechanical
or an electronics engineer, a software engineer, a teacher a
student, or a maker, this kit allows you to easily learn robot-
related institutions, electronics and programming related
knowledge, and even let you team up for robot competition.

Home Inventor Kit

Home Inventor Kit is a DIY kit that consist of 10 electronic modules and compact design mechanical parts. By simulating the life scene of automatic home, building 7 interesting projects of smart home appliance, children will observe home appliances in their daily life and get to know how they work.