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ROBONOVA-II is a metal humanoid robot. Students can learn about mechanics & electronics through this robot.

Also, learners can participate in the Robot Dance Competition or Robot Olympics using this robot. In this process, learners improve their creativity and logic.

The RQ Huno robotic humanoid is a new robotic DIY kit designed to provide robot enthusiasts with the value of Education and Entertainment. It includes all the latest technology available in higher end humanoid (16 DoF, Daisy Chain Serial Bus, Obstacle and Sound Detection Sensors, USB connectivity and Android Remote Control App) while being an affordable Humanoid Platform.

ROBOTIS GP is a high-performance humanoid robot geared for racing, soccer, fighting, and other competitive activities.

With high performance actuator AX-18A and ultra light weighted aluminium frames, It can compete in many robot competitions without additional robot parts or separate accessories.

Running speed of 20cm/s, Grippers which can help achieve various mission, optimized for Robot soccer games to compete speed and power, 

The ROBOTIS PREMIUM is a do-it-yourself educational robot kit that uses modular DC servos. Build your own robot and upgrade it with enhanced mobility & intelligence. The evolution of ROBOTIS PREMIUM continues, inspiring creative minds worldwide.